Senior Living Communities

Senior Living is about year-round comfort combined with integrated healthcare components and wellbeing. Artificial turf for senior living communities will enjoy beautiful and upscale, fully landscaped amenities in a host of environments.

Our turf appeals to all residents and their family members. For this reason we strive to create a comfortable, recognizable living area that promotes wellness and a sense of peacefulness.



Activity Rooms

Physical Therapy Rooms

Older Senior enjoying outdoors on Artificial Turf

Independent Living

Artificial turf for Senior living offers residents the ability to relax and rejuvenate in outdoor common spaces. Moreover, it can be installed on outdoor patios, balconies, and common areas, creating a reminiscent ambiance of home. By granting residents the freedom to enjoy the outdoors, their focus can shift towards health and the enjoyment of life. In addition, regardless of your style or budget, our dedication lies in assisting you to design the perfect outdoor living areas. Furthermore, it is easy to maintain and does not necessitate regular watering, mowing, or fertilizing, thereby effectively lowering operating costs.

Assisted Living 

Safety is our number one thought for Assisted Living. One of the biggest benefits of turf is that it is slip resistant, which is particularly important for senior living centers where the risk of falls is higher. The turf provides a stable and even surface that can help prevent falls, which can help seniors feel safer and more confident when walking around outside, especially those with mobility issues. Turf provides a safe and comfortable, low maintenance outdoor space for seniors to enjoy while being ecologically aware and cost effective. Groups of seniors can exercise and play games, walk, sit, and even lay down on the turf. Unlike traditional grass, turf does not require regular maintenance so the staff can focus their time and resources on other important aspects of running the facility rather than on maintaining their outdoor spaces. 

Multi-Family Communal Area open patio Artificial Turf
Multi-Family Pool Communal Area Patio

Memory Care

In addition to the practical benefits, turf can also have a positive impact on the mental and emotional well-being of seniors. Being able to spend time outside and enjoy nature can positively affect mood and happiness. It can also provide a sense of community and socialization as seniors can come together and enjoy the outdoor space together. For the residents that cannot go outside daily looking at green landscape no matter the time of year brings happiness and joy to them.  

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