Interior Artificial Turf

Thought artificial grass was just for outdoors? Think again! There are plenty of creative ways that artificial turf can be used within interiors, both in residential and commercial environments. It’s all about using the versatility of synthetic grass to think creatively.

Our artificial turf is tread and wear resistant

Wear & Tear Resistant

EcoShield's Artificial Turf has a 20 plus year life expectancy

Long Life Span

Artificial turf Easy to Clean Icon

Easy to Clean

Hygienic Artificial Turf Icon


With artificial grass, the options are limited only by your creativity! Let EcoShield Turf select the perfect product to transform your space today.

Artificial turf installed for a non-slip option for fitness gym areas


Artificial grass provides excellent grip and balance, which is a valuable health and safety feature in a fitness area or commercial environment.

Hygenic and Clean

Making the decision to install synthetic grass in a gym or indoor area is a great choice when it comes to hygiene. Just a quick sweep or sanitizer sprayed over the area is all you need. It’s a great way to keep workout areas clean and sanitary, and it’s also a great way to improve the safety of customers.

Artificial turf is a hygienic option for interior environments
Interior High Foot Traffic for artificial turf

High foot traffic

High-quality synthetic grass lasts and, in a retail, gym environment or indoor sports facility, you need it to. With high foot traffic and equipment use, you need a surface that won’t wear out any time soon.

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