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Gold Turf

Gold Turf features a Mini Wave shaped yarn blade which, when coupled with the field and apple green tones, provides the most versatility to the touch and appearance. Along with the visual appeal, the Mini Wave yarn blend with the Gold turf is one of the softest turfs we offer.



  • Low to Moderate Traffic
  • Pile Height: 1 1/2”
  • Unique 3D Wave blade design deflects light reduces sheen
  • Durable yarn shape creates stronger fiber strength
  • UV stabilized yarns to resist fading from the sun
  • Non-flammable, anti-acid yarn resistant to chemical attack


Best budget

EcoShield's Basic Artificial Turf for multiple applications and Environments


Best Turf on the market.


Best Turf on the market.


Best Turf on the market.

Putting Green

Residential Golf Green.

Pet Turf

Specifically Designed for Pets.

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