Real Estate Agents

Agents who are well-educated about its perks can help their clients level up their curb appeal. Artificial grass is a quick and easy, maintenance-free method to enhance a yard, terrace or rooftop.

Artificial Turf adds to your properties curb appeal

Curb Appeal

EcoShield's Artificial Turf has a 20 plus year life expectancy

Long Life Span

No Maintenance for Artificial turf

Less Maintenance

Artificial Turf is cost effective and saves money

Cost Effective

Homeowners are looking for a house they can proudly say, “that’s mine.” And a well-kept, low maintenance artificial lawn can provide that curb appeal.

Adding value to your home Sale with artificial turf

A New Way of Thinking

Home buyers aren’t hard-set on the concept of having a “traditional” grass lawn anymore. But they don’t want barren dirt and dry dead plants either. It’s becoming common to see more artificial grass with decorative rock gardens or other elements taking over new lawns and properties.

Adding Value to homes

Homes with attractive, vibrant landscaping and lush, green lawns that require minimal water, money, and time to maintain understandably stand out amongst Colorado properties with less environmentally friendly landscaping and lawns that demand a ton of resources in order to prevent them from browning and dying.

Large Home with pool, putting green and artificial turf installed
Artificial Turf is Durable and will last for years

Durable for years

Durability is one of the most important aspects buyers will consider when looking at a homes lawn. They can entertain guests or let kids play outside safely. When installed correctly, artificial turf stands up to constant use and even rough play for years with little to no effect on the grass fibers.

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