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EcoShield Turf can fulfill your design requirements! Landscape architects are increasingly incorporating artificial turf into their designs due to advancements in manufacturing technology and the need for water conservation in drought-prone areas. Synthetic turf offers a stress-free and cost-effective alternative to natural grass, with benefits such as reduced maintenance, improved drainage, and increased profit margins for businesses.

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Artificial turf is a young industry and is currently taking the world by storm and ushering in a new age of modern landscape design.

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Why Artificial Turf

Artificial turf has emerged as the preferred choice of landscape designers over sod due to several compelling reasons. With significant advancements in manufacturing technology and material quality synthetic turf has transformed into a highly desirable option. The growth of the U.S. carpet industry has made artificial grass more accessible and affordable. Moreover, as drought conditions persist in the West and water usage restrictions increase, synthetic turf has become a hero for those seeking a lush green landscape.

Modern Landscaping

Artificial turf brings a stress-free modern landscape, that saves time and money between repairs, maintenance, watering, fertilizing, etc. So, in essence, artificial grass gives consumers value by giving them a stress-free lifestyle.

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No Limits

 There are very few limitations with artificial grass when it comes to landscape design. In fact, it provides additional possibilities. For example, a frequent problem in landscaping is poor drainage. By incorporating artificial grass into the design, a large drywell is essentially created beneath the turf. Water naturally follows the path of least resistance. By including artificial grass, landscapes can achieve a quicker drainage rate.

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