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Artificial turf has several benefits for HOAs, including ease of maintenance, aesthetic appeal, versatility, safety and environmental friendliness. HOAs can also encourage turf lawns to improve curb appeal, reduce conflicts with homeowners over lawn care, and increase property values.

Artificial Turf is cost effective and saves money

Budget Savings

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Less Water Usage

No Maintenance for Artificial turf

Maintenance Free

Eco-Friendly artificial turf

environmentally friendly

Many HOAs throughout Colorado have already changed their codes to allow artificial grass and begun to see the benefits.

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Ease Tensions

One of the most common complaints and conflicts that homeowners have with HOAs is the state of their lawn. The grass is either too long, not green enough, or maybe there’s one too many weeds. Artificial turf can put those worries to rest and ease the tensions between homeowners and HOAs.

Attractive all the time

Homeowners Associations are switching to artificial grass because it maintains an attractive appearance throughout the year, regardless of the weather conditions, which is difficult to achieve with natural lawns in Colorado. Although there may be certain areas where keeping some natural grass makes sense, it is not a problem as they complement each other well in terms of both function and aesthetics.

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Water expenses for HOA grass areas

Huge budget savings

Homeowners Associations create huge savings by switching their public lawns, parks, and children’s playground areas to artificial turf. One of the savings is from the reduction in water usage, resulting in substantial lower water bills that can positively impact the budget. This financial advantage provides HOAs with the opportunity to allocate the saved resources towards other priorities.

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