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You don’t have to give up your passion for gardening. Just say goodbye to the hassle of maintaining a dull and lifeless lawn in the challenging Colorado climate. Artificial turf allows you to retain your beautiful natural garden, while avoiding the tedious upkeep that comes with traditional lawns.

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Less Water

Artificial Grass has no brown spots

Green Year Round

No Maintenance for Artificial turf

Maintenance Free

Save time and money with Artificial Turf

Saves Time

With an artificial turf yard you can enjoy more time doing the thing you love, gardening. Let's face it growing, mowing and trimming your natural grass is not gardening but it's something you must attend to in order to have your entire property appeal be the best. Let EcoShield turf remove the cost and maintenance needed where it shouldn't be.

Garden with artificial turf installed

Create a continuous aesthetic

With Ecoshield Turf, you can easily achieve your desired aesthetic to set the tone for your garden. Choose one of our shorter turfs for a polished look or longer blades for a more natural feel. Our Team will help you select the best option based on your garden’s purpose and conditions.

More time for your garden

By adding artificial turf to your lawn, you are adding more time for your beautiful garden. No more mowing, no more grass clippings, no more watering, no more maintenance.

raised garden with artificial turf
garden with back patio and artificial turf

Less Watering your lawn

Save money during the summer months by reducing your water bill! Maintaining your garden can become costly due to the amount of water required, but with Artificial grass you can reduce the amount of water used for your lawn, thus helping you save money.

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